The Sweet Love Escape: Singapore

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“There was the famous char kuay teow, a fried omelet with oysters called orh luak, Malay rojak salad bursting with chunks of pineapple and cucumber, Hokkien-style noodles in a thick garlicky gravy, a fish cake smoked in coconut leaves called otah otah, and a hundred sticks of chicken and beef satay.”—A chapter that describes Singaporean food from Crazy Rich Asians

You have just ended a relationship with someone you thought you were deeply in love with. Maybe he was your high school sweetheart, first boyfriend, or that seemingly Mr. Perfect who shares the first initial letter of his first name with you. No matter how it comes down, it has come to the end, and you find yourself asking, “What do I do now?”

It is ok to feel sad and helpless for a little while when you are having the “emotional flu” but eventually you’ll want to heal and move on. Cosmopolitan magazine has gathered some advice from the experts in the field: How to Finally Get Over Him10 Things You Must Do After a Breakup10 Ways to Get Over an Ex. Although not all of the tips may apply to your situation, here are my reasons why Singapore is the ideal place for you to check off some of the things on your list.

Going through a bad breakup is already hard enough. There is no reason to go through the pain alone. Let your friends know how they can help, or maybe even take a fabulous trip with them and throw all your worries behind!

The last thing you want to remind yourself of is all the memories you had with the person. If possible, plan for a trip to somewhere that’s completely the opposite of where you live. Maybe somewhere warm, somewhere you can soak up the sun and take a cool dip in the ocean in the morning, shop crazy for the latest fashion trends in the afternoon, and dance wild with your girl friends in the late night –Singapore.

Step 1: Photosynthesis (the process of capturing light energy and converting it to sugar energy)


Imagine yourself laying in the resort chair with a cocktail or fresh juice in hand, hiding in the shade while watching calm seas lapping onto white sand beaches. This is how it feels at the beaches in Singapore.

Although Singapore is a nation composed of islands, most of the natural beach has disappeared as the result of land reclamation for urbanization (Wiki).

Even though most of the beaches are man-made, you can still find a peace of mind at some of the main beaches (usatoday) including: Sembawang Park Beach, Changi Beach, East SONY DSCCoast Park Beach and Sentosa Beaches.

As the first time tourist in Singapore, we decided to visit the beaches in Sentosa Island. This popular tourism monster has multi-faceted appeals including: a giant theme park, Underwater World Aquarium, and of course white sandy beaches. You can travel from the city of Singapore to Sentosa by cable car, ferry, road and MRT subway. However, I definitely recommend taking the cable car, as you’ll be able to have the whole sky view of the island.

SONY DSCIf you are lucky enough, you might even find yourself sitting in the cable car someone just used for a proposal. The colorful flowers surrounding you will definitely brighten your day!

Bars, restaurants, and shops lie along the shoreline; the beach is right on the corner after your arrival. Not so far away from each other, Siloso, Palawan, and Tanjong beaches each offer unique choices for all beach lovers to swim, sunbathe, surf, and family activities.

When you have found the perfect spot, take some time, and do nothing!

singapore beachSingapore beach copy

Step 2: Respiration (the process of burning sugars to yield energy for growth, reproduction, and other life processes)

Photo Credit: yourssingapore

“It’s Fifth Avenue on Steroid…I’ve never seen so many boutiques and shopping malls, lined up as far as the eye can see!”-Crazy Rich Asians

While the novel “Crazy Rich Asians” centers around the gossip, and drama  when an American-born Chinese (ABC), Rachel, decided to visits Singapore to meet her boyfriend Nick’s multibillionaire family, it also provides  some of the most useful insights about Singapore.

In the quote above, Rachel describes the Orchard Road in Singapore. The shopping belt offers nearly 800,000 sq. m of retail, dining and entertainment options from opulent brands to high street fashion, exclusive restaurants to fast food joints, and the ultimate shopping haven (Yoursingapore).

ION Orchard, Knightsbridge, H&M Orchard Road, 313@Somerset, Tangs… you’ll be surprised by the long list of the shopping centers in the area! –> Orchard Road Shopping Center List 

There are always discounts and shopping deals offered at various stores with the latest fashion and technologies. For western tourists, this will be your best access to the most cutting-edge Asian fashions and the secret recipes of Asian beauties. Most importantly, this is your chance to pick out the perfect outfit you are going to wear for your girl’s night out.

After all, shopping is the best remedy for everything.

Step 3: Transpiration (the loss of water vapor through the stomata of leaves).


The bar stands at a height of 282 meters above street level, 1-Altitude is this world’s highest al fresco bar that provides an unobstructed view of Singapore’s city skyline from the heart of the financial district.

rooftop drinkNight-lights and laser beams paint shapes and figures in the sky. What are you doing at the moment? Starting the night while chilling out over a wine, or maybe mixing custom-made cocktails against a backdrop of lively beats of the band and DJ.

“Hey, I didn’t know you were going to be here today?” said one of the guys. You may even meet some new friends with guys who use equally… creative pick up lines.

Getting cocktails at 1-Altitude was fun, however, there is no reason to only stay in one place if you have the whole night to explore the city. After all, the whole point of transpiration is to sweat a little, from all the dancing of course. Plus, there is no way to complete your Singapore trip without going to the Marina Bay Sands.

Singapore nightMarina Bay Sands, the youngest architectural icon in Singapore, is the only structure standing 200 meters high in its immediate vicinity. This means its roof bar, KU DE TA, has spectacular views into the city and out over the waters. One more thing that you wouldn’t want to miss out: Marina Bay Sands’ famous infinity pool.

Singapore MSB pool

And if you are really looking for a place to dance, you can always find a place like the Dom Lounge to have your exclusive dancing floor. As the night is getting late, the music turns from sexy to funky, then funky to commercial.

Final Stage: Grow & Bloom 

Singapore 3

Now, you have gone through almost all the stages – and what would be a better way to reward yourself than shoveling some of the most delicious food into your mouth?

“Welcome to Singapore, Rachel-where arguing about food is the national pastime,”-Crazy Rich Asians.

It’s no joke. Singaporeans really do take their food very seriously. They will queue endlessly and traverse all over the island for some of the best dishes they believe they won’t find anywhere else. In fact, many have been known to come back to this island after migrating simply because they miss their favorite foods.

chilly crab
Chilly Crab

So what is it about the food that is so special and so alluring that keeps haunting one’s taste buds?

Just like the country itself, Singaporean food is also where the East and West meets, and happily bonds well together. It is the first place in Asia to open the Culinary Institute of America. You will find some of the great traits of Western culinary at the popular pastry shops and the fancy restaurants across the islands. You will also find the most humble but insanely delicious local dishes that represent each parts of the Asia.

Here are some of the popular dishes in Singapore: Singapore Food.  Bon appétit!

Finally, you have completed photosynthesis, respiration, and transpiration. After longs hours of mani and pedi care, and spa treatments, you are ready for a new life, a new start! Grow and blooming brightly under the warm sun.



2 Replies to “The Sweet Love Escape: Singapore”

  1. Singapore is one of my favorite places in the world – next to the oasis of Hong Kong 🙂
    Great post, and one thing I love about Singapore is the natural beauty that can be seen from just about anywhere on the island. Great post…and agree it is a good escape for a night (and an early morning). Wish you well!

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